[4 tips] Make Yourself a Good Angler Too!!

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One, respectively, fish bait type
According to the information of aquaculture, there are more than 400 species of cyprinidae, including carp, grass (green), carassius auratus, silver carp (bighead). The catfish, snakehead, and turtle are next in line. These several kinds of fish, their sense of smell and taste organs sensitivity, greatly more than the human more than 500 times, so they cruising foraging, nature will be according to their preferences to choose acid, sweet, fishy, sweet food as delicacies, their preferences are generally: carp like slightly sweet type; Grass (green) fish like fresh flavor; Silver carp (bighead) like sour type; Crucian carp like luzhou-flavor type; Turtle, catfish, black fish like fishy smell of mutton type. In mastering their greed admire these different flavor type of food, the fishermen fishing before, just a targeted the choose and buy, especially in the bait and standby on the tradition of opaque class, first of all should according to his meant to catch fish, insist on "with bait fish", "bait and taste" of two dual function, use, can achieve better effect.
Two, master the taste, cast its good
Carp: vegetarian bait, eat less meat bait. The main baits are rare cooked red shavings, potatoes, tender corn kernels, freshly dried wheat kernels, bulged wheat with wine, tender corn cake or steamed baba with a little flour and cut into small pieces, which are traditional baits with slight sweet taste. Meat bait: flood muddy waters, with red worms can sometimes catch carp.
Grass (green) fish: a herbivore and omnivorous fish, meat, vegetarian food. Its edible species and carp are basically the same, but also like tender grass, melon, bamboo leaves.
Silver carp (bighead) : it feeds only on rootless algae or phytoplankton such as duckweed and on hand-made fermented sourdough baits. Eat no meat.
Turtle, catfish and black fish: only earthworm, small frog, small live fish, river shrimp, loach, bee chrysalis and pig, sheep, dog liver and other animal viscera meat bait. Eat no meat.
Carp: also an omnivorous fish, meat and vegetable food. Meat lure: often give priority to with earthworm, also eat red insect, flesh maggot to wait. Vegetable bait: bait made of rice (grain), soybean flour, flour, corn and other grains.
Three, according to the solar term bait
Wild pond fishing, the replacement of bait meat, vegetable; Worm bait hook whole wear or take half hanging; The soft and hard and particle size of flour bait modulation should be weighed and adjusted scientifically and rationally. The time period and method of adjustment can be determined according to the following solar terms:
1, the awakening of insects in spring, before the vernal equinox and the beginning of winter in winter, light snow, because the fish eat less, less movement, it is difficult to easily open, especially gentle feeding. Carp, in particular, at ordinary times, was very gentle, at this time, it is more "carefully". So, the earthworm in using meat bait is angling when, must insist on fine, with matchstick big best, can wear the hook can. If the noodles food sex element bait, the viscosity is strong, but the appropriate soft mo is hard, and the upper hook pinches the grain shape wants to be small, has the mung bean kind in line.
2, act of spring vernal equinox, after the grain rain and late autumn dew, before the frost, this period, all kinds of freshwater fish are very active, cruising around foraging (in addition to midsummer at noon), eat straight "grab mouth", greedy bite easily.
But in the choice of bait use, still need to pay attention to the following three points:
A. it is an omnivorous fish that eats both meat and vegetables. We should master its "warm" partial meat and "hot" partial element living habits.
B, is any time, fishing any kind of fish, such as day silkworm this kind of invertebrate mollusk worm bait whole live use, its hook method, can not let the whole body, plug hook door and affect hook tip through the fish mouth; Difficult bait modulation and pinching hook, also can not because the bait is too hard and the particle is too large to cause the same blocking hook obstacles.
C, is in the summer "three volt" hot days, in addition to the worms should pay attention to the bait to keep alive, so as not to affect the bite effect, but also to prevent the surface food element bait due to the sun exposure and increased temperature dilution deterioration.
Four, adapt to the scene of the bait species
No matter in any waters fishing, should do the following two things:
1, there are changes, in the face of never been to the new point of the water, no matter what kind of fish you want to fish, first of all through other fishing friends to understand or try to grasp the field there is a certain kind of fish, a preference for a kind of bait, in order to use the bait, the still as before, need to change must change, in order to have a better harvest.
2, do as the Romans do, in the same waters if most people, or even all people in the same "meat" or "element" some of the same bait, you should follow the Romans, "specificity" to "popular".